Are You Experiencing Burnout?

In this 3 minute video - learn exactly what burnout is, why many "burnout assessments" provide you with poor information and identify how big an impact it's having on your mental performance. Don't forget to checkout the burnout calculator below this video.

Use this Burnout Calculator to identify how big an impact it's having on your performance.

Lesson Summary

In this 3 minute video, the speaker discusses what burnout is and how it affects mental performance.

Burnout is defined as the sum total of tiny betrayals of purpose, which are micro stressors that slowly build up and impact mental performance in a negative way.

Burnout occurs when a person operates in a state of distress for an extended period of time.

Typical burnout assessments fall short because they consist of yes/no questions that do not accurately capture the duration and intensity of burnout.

To assess burnout accurately, it is important to consider factors such as frequency, intensity, and duration. Something the burnout calculator can factor in and provide insight into the impact burnout is having on a person's mental performance.

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