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Learn The Most Important Driver Of Your Success In Sales 🧠👇

Sales Is Primarily A Mental Game - Why Does No One Teach Us How To Win It? 🧠

Look around at the sales industry today and you'll see some troubling statistics from the State Of Mental Health In Sales Report:

  • 82% of sellers are stressed or highly stressed.
  • 70% of sellers are struggling with their mental health.
  • 70% of sellers are experiencing fatigue.
  • 69% of sellers have trouble sleeping.

And according to Gartner, 89% of sellers are experiencing burnout, with 54% actively looking for a new job. 😥

If you work in sales - then you're likely not surprised by these numbers as you feel the stress, pressure, fatigue, lack of sleep and burnout weighing you down as you read this sentence.

Sales is primarily a mental game, but the vast majority of us are failing it. 📉

The Life Changing Realization You Need To Make

I failed at the mental game early on in my sales career too. I struggled immensely with anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks that would put me in the hospital in the middle of the night.

During this period in my life, I'd try to do what everyone else around me in sales was doing. Put on a brave face, continue to grind for more revenue and look for ways to numb how I was feeling.🍺

I'd tell myself that: "Once I hit quota, then I'd have time to take care of myself."

But putting your mental health on the back burner is how you lose the mental game. It's how you develop bad habits, miss promotions and leave thousands of dollars in commission on the table due to high stress and burnout. 🧠

I had to learn that winning the mental game requires Exponential Thinking, which means if you improve the health, strength, resilience and fitness of your brain by even as little as 1%...

You improve every other trait, sales skill and aspect of your role that you need to perform your best and win more deals.

It is why data is showing that investment into areas related to mental performance can 3X-4X the health and productivity of your performance. (Deloitte) 🤯

You Close More Deals When You're Confident, Well-Rested And Emotionally Resilient

It can be unsettling moment when you realize that no one is coming to save you in sales and you have to save yourself.

Despite not feeling your best somedays, you have to figure out a way to perform consistently and hit quota if you want to keep your job. 🎯

This starts with improving the quality of inputs into your pipeline, because as you've experienced with bad top of funnel lead data or unqualified prospects:

💩 in = 💩 out.

What's less well known is how you're showing up each day in sales is the first thing going into your pipeline.

Which means improving your habits, mindset, attitude, sleep, grit, energy and mental fitness is the key to thriving in sales.

Healthy Mind = Healthy Revenue

Inside Project Mamba you'll have everything you need to defeat burnout, buffer stress and unlock the full potential of your brain.

After +14 years working as a top seller and sales leader, applying research backed mindset strategies to consistently hit target...

Overcoming a testicular cancer diagnosis when I turned 30...

And then going on to build a successful 6-figure business during COVID, write the first book on the topic in Stress Less, Sell More and train +10,000 sellers on ways to enhance their mental performance...

I've now compiled all my teachings into one place.

Access all of my frameworks, exercises, mindset tactics, habits, routines, programs and strategies through +80 micro-learnings that teach you how to win EVERY aspect of the mental game.

Paired with a thriving community of sellers and leaders just like you - who meet weekly through virtual community calls to support each other 🌎

And you have the secret sauce to selling more and getting promoted faster with less stress and burnout.

But don't take my word for it - see what Miguel has to say who experienced a massive transformation in two months. 👇👇👇

You'll Never Need To Buy Another Self-Help Book Or Online Course Again When You See Everything Inside 👇👇👇

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These are safe spaces for sellers and leaders just like you. So feel free to come vent, learn or just listen, while connecting with me and your peers.

Less Stress - 100% Guaranteed

"After 2 community calls I realized how valuable it was connecting to others and talking openly about my feelings and emotions about real life scenarios." - Alex, Account Manager at Oracle

"The content is spot on and I love it! Really well done and have taken a ton of tidbits away for myself and my team already." - Emily, Manager Inbound Sales, Jobber

"I've re-watched many of the modules because of how helpful they were. Going forward I'll be focusing on the MENTAL game - Himanshu, Enterprise Account Executive, Twilio

"This support is really great for people who want to become sales managers as it gives you the tools to be more consistent and hit target." - Martin, Business Partner at Smart Bridges

"I’m blown away by the quality of the content. As I’m going through this, I keep thinking to myself that this is the mental health content I wish I had when I was on the phones. Phenomenal." - Evan

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Why Project "Mamba"?

Early on in my sales career I struggled immensely with anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks. When I couldn't find the help I needed within sales - I started looking for inspiration outside of sales.

As someone who played basketball competitively and loves the sport - I was naturally drawn to Kobe Bryant.

His famous "mamba mentality" included aspects of resilience, mental toughness, work ethic, fearlessness and a commitment to learning that I felt were missing from the high pressure world of sales.

When Kobe was asked how he defined "greatness" he said: "Inspiring the people next to you."

My hope is that this community can embrace the values of mamba mentality and inspire positive mental health change within sales.

See you inside.

Founder, Sales Health Alliance

Jeff Riseley